Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Thoughts -

Just a small update on my pregnancy - I am planning to post belly pictures eventually. I would like a record of them in one place. I haven't been consistent with taking them - never on the same day or in the same spot or in the same clothes - but it is the same me so that counts for something.
I am 21 weeks along and they are finally making strong enough movements that my husband could feel them (if they would cooperate when he tries too) Still plenty of time for him to feel them move though - My goal is to make it until October 17th - then I hit 37 weeks and I will be happy! I also somehow managed to get my Halloween babies I have always wanted. Tried to get pregnant at the right time the last time and it didn't work out. I love my little snow baby - she is going to be the best big sister ever! But now I am pulling off Halloween twins! Yikes!
I am wondering if this means I get to throw two parties now! My usual Halloween Trick or Drink and a Birthday Party - or if my husband will make me combine the party to one event. hmmmmm. . . I want two parties - they need their day and I need mine. 
I ended up with stomach flu earlier this week - major uncomfortableness - achy and I already have a hard time getting comfortable. Husband and daughter also got it at the same time so we were no help to each other. Other than that - glad the morning sickness only lasted to week 11 and I am still mostly able to work. Cutting my hours to 32 hours a week next week because I am starting to experience swelling and I would hate to ignore it and end up on bed rest.
I love these babies - I love my daughter and I love my husband - I have the best family in the world!

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