Wednesday, August 3, 2011

26 weeks and counting

This pregnancy is going so slow some days, but feels like it is just rushing by. When I hurt the day can't end fast enough, but when I feel good - it takes but a blink and it is past.

Had my doctor appointment yesterday and the boys are doing great! Everything is on track for their development. Baby A is head down and in position (just don't go yet) He is measuring about 2 lbs 5 oz with a heart rate of 156 bpm.

Baby B is sideways now with head still pointing more up than down. He measures 2 lbs 4 oz and has a heart rate of 146 bpm.
The weird nuk-like thing near his mouth is actually the umbilical cord.

This was the first appointment where their measurements weren't the same.

I love the pictures I got that day - don't their cheeks look so adorable and kissable? I might be biased though -

Thanks for listening!

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