Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying to Get Pregnant

So this part may be a little more descriptive than you want and wordy - but anyway - - -
We started trying to get pregnant in September once our daughter started Kindergarten, daycare costs have gotten manageable and I always wanted two kids - Our daughter has been begging for a younger brother or sister. (my husband has always only wanted one kid) So she is 5 and he can finally feel better about the finances.

So for 6 months, we were trying -  Finally in February we called it quits - it wasn't happening so he made his appointment, but we never took any precautions to prevent pregnancy this month. I didn't track any days - I had my Rum party halfway through the month - yummy by the way - February 28th - not even a day late on my period, but I had a test in the house so I took it -
Positive Result - disbelief has crossed my face - I go out and wake up my husband to tell him about the test - now in 3 days is his consultation to meet with the doctor about his vasectomy. Do we still go through with this? What if this is a false positive? So many questions - I am shocked and excited! Yay!
So I call the doctors office and make an appointment for the same day as his appointment to confirm the results - yep still pregnant!
We decided to go through with his appointment and surgery - if we lose the baby or have a miscarriage we are no different then when we had given up trying anyway. Life is Good - I am happy!

At 4 weeks into this, everything is perfect!
7 weeks - major morning sickness kicks in - Throwing up at least once a day - sometimes more - hard to keep any food down - trying everything they say that helps morning sickness.
Weird - never got this sick with my first pregnancy, I have two thoughts about this: #1 it is a boy so that is why it is different. #2 It is twins - runs in the family, possibility is there. Can't be twins - I am the youngest of my sisters, it would be one of them to have the twin gene. They always say it is the older siblings that this happens too. So I am happily thinking it is a boy - and every symptom that is different from the first time around is because it is a boy.
1/2 way through week 8 I spent the whole day sick - every two hours I was in the bathroom - nothing would help. Getting a little more scared about it being twins. Talked to my husband about it, my stomach was already pooching and I was so sick, not to mention my breasts that have doubled in size already! (That I like! A cup to a C cup!) He reminds me that it is my second pregnancy - it is just different. Okay - that is what I keep telling myself, but deep down I still had a nagging suspicion about twins -

Finding out about twins will come in the next post -

~ Jerri

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