Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding Out I am Having Twins

So the day of my 1st appointment arrived. April 1, 2011 - I know I know - I was asking for it having it on April Fool's Day. I was just shy of 9 weeks pregnant so I was hoping to have the doctor tell me that they have to do an ultrasound because it is too early to find a heartbeat.

I am still in full on panic mode, completely nervous with hundreds of questions running through my head. Am I still pregnant? Is it Twins? Is my baby healthy? So my blood pressure was through the roof.

I joked with the nurse about my concerns - I just needed reassurance though.

Doctor comes in - yep too early for the just the doppler, lets get you back to the ultrasound table. Yay! I got my wish - questions will be answered.

Still off the wall nervous though - My husband and I get back there (in my weird ghetto gown, because they didn't know I had a broken one) and get all set up - and we begin the ultrasound!

Finally my husband says to me: "See Jer - you can relax now. There is just one baby in there."

Followed quickly by the doctor saying, "And with what your husband just said, here is your second baby."

Silence - I finally speak up, "Are you sure?" "It is April Fool's Day, this isn't a joke?" The doctor assured me that this isn't something he would ever joke about. It took him putting both babies on the screen at the same time to convince me that I really was pregnant with twins!

He clearly saw fraternal twins and so kindly put that it was my fault we have twins - (which my husband likes to remind me about it when I get stressed) I went and put two eggs in there.

I want to say I was ecstatic when I found out, but that wouldn't be true. I was excited about the idea of it, leading up to the news. But being told you are having two babies was a huge shock to the system. I was terrified that my body couldn't even carry twins - we didn't have two bedrooms for them to each have there own room. How unfair to have to share. (I shared my whole life - so big deal for me to give my kids their own spaces) Can we even afford two kids?

I needed to settle down - I was happy - I was crying - I was shaking and bursting with excitement!

So much for staying quiet at work for the first trimester (which was my plan) I couldn't head in to work after this appointment and not say anything. To wired to focus on work. So I told them - still so unsure of my own feelings about this. And of course no one believed me - and there is still a little disbelief to this day - aside from the belly that looks 7 months along instead of only 4 months.

It took me three days to settle my thoughts -

Now here is a truth my husband isn't aware of, my sister figured out I was pregnant about a week before my first appointment. I was avoiding talking to her, because I wanted to surprise them when I told my parents - I had called her to make sure that she was going to be at my parents when we were going. And I sounded weird when she told me that they may not make it. Something gave me away and she guessed it on the first try. The great thing is - she is pregnant too - due in September (my official due date is Nov 7th but that doesn't really matter in a twin pregnancy)

So she was excited about us both being pregnant together. So an hour after my appointment she calls me to ask our standard first question. One or Two - twins is in our family - one of us is doing it, we always joked it would be her or my other older sister.

So when I said Two - on April Fools Day - again she did not believe me - I guess you can't find out life changing information on April Fools Day and expect anyone not to question the validity of the news. Lesson learned there - wait one day to tell everyone -

So we made a few calls - (only to the ones that already knew we were pregnant)The next day I Skyped my other sister - she was talking about us visiting our parents the next day (she wouldn't be there) and she was picking on me for insisting on the one sister who lives closer to be there. So I didn't say anything but "Well this is the reason I am doing this" and I held up the ultrasound picture. Congratulations! and then she noticed two babies - wait - what? Oh I wish I could be there. (She just delivered her baby boy 2 weeks prior to this, and while we are in Wisconsin - she is Florida - a hard last minute journey to make.

Finally I made it to my parents house to tell them the news - We had our daughter in a shirt I custom made that said - Big Sister in Training x2 (the x2 was smaller on the bottom)
My parents thought something was up excited to hear I was pregnant - but it took a 1/2 an hour for them to see the x2 part - my dad made drinks right after that. (9:30 am) they were shocked -

Glad to be calmer now (4 months along) getting all my thoughts down in a little on-line journal. Still not sure about sharing this with family and friends. - but maybe someday I will send them the links  :)

Thanks again for visiting in my little journal to myself about my twin adventure -

yikes twins! Can't wait to meet them! Only 5 months to go - October can't get here soon enough.

~ Jerri

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