Thursday, September 22, 2011

33 weeks and counting

I am officially on modified bedrest - which is good because that meant I could finally quit working. It was getting too hard - not the actual job, but sitting in the chair for more than 2 hours. I can't even handle riding in a car for longer than 15 minutes now.
Every week for 3 weeks I have a NST (non-stress test) done and they measure the heartbeats and to see if I am having contractions. For the last two appointments I had measurable contractions (some of which I could actually feel)- while I am at work it was worse. So now I am home - taking it easy and making sure that these boys stay in for at least two more weeks. I want four more weeks because then my doctor will be back from Peru. He does that Doctors without Borders stuff and I am worried about what will happen if I go into labor without him here.
Not trying to dwell on it though - too stressful to worry about what I can't change -
Here is my most recent picture - 30 weeks - I know I know I need to update the image - haven't taken a newer one yet.
Thought I would finally show some pictures of the amazing belly growth I am experiencing. It is unbelievable how big I am getting.
Still no belly stretchmarks - but I have not gotten away with none - they seem to be in a strange spot this time. (my butt of all places)
Also including the 24 week belly picture - just for comparision - It is amazing how much can change in just six weeks.
So in less than two weeks I get to find out how big my boys are - At 3o weeks we had 2 four pound babies - I was shocked at how big they were. I can't wait to find out how much they have grown.
Now that I am resting - and taking it easy I can finally finish the nursery and get everything ready. It strange to think that if I go into labor in two weeks they will no longer try to stop it. I could have two new boys here. So feeling overwhelmed. I am not ready for two. My daughter will be great! She is so excited to help out. I am lucky to have her.
I really want my Halloween babies just give me 4 weeks - - - My favorite holiday - my favorite season and I get to be blessed with two boys!
Just thought I would update - my frazzled mind needed the opportunity to pour out my thoughts. Wow - my ride is almost to the end. What a strange and exciting year it had been. I can't wait, but I can! Isn't that strange?
Jerri :)

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